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Skeeter Vac manufactured by Blue Rhino

Skeeter Vac manufactured by Blue Rhino is an affordable solution to pesky mosquitos, black flies and gnats. Designed to deminish your mosquito population within 30 days. Currently there are two models of Skeeter Vac being produced, the SV3100 and the SV5100.

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Hurricane Repair/Conversion Warning (Nat to LP).

Be Safe When Using Propane In Natural Gas Appliances

Hurricane Repair/Conversion Warning (Nat to LP)Trenton, NJ (November 19, 2012) – Our hearts go out to the many homes and businesses in New Jersey that continue to suffer from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Sandy. Naturally, the many uncertainties associated with the schedule for utility service restoration in these areas has caused a number of residents and businesses to reach out to the propane industry to seek alternative energy supplies to help speed recovery. While we have worked hard to ensure that the appropriate resources are in place to help, it is paramount that consumers understand the importance of safety and the need to engage qualified propane service technicians to evaluate and convert natural gas appliances to use propane for heat, hot water, cooking and electricity generation. Read more...

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Tip of the Week

Did you know that 90% of the propane used in the US is domestically produced and 7% of the imported propane comes from Canada or Mexico? So, if you are promoting "Made in the U.S.A." products, the fuel that might fit the bill is propane.

Also, because of the current high supply of natural gas (propane comes from either crude oil or natural gas refining) there currently are plans to export both propane and natural gas. This means that the United States could become a one of the world's largest fuel producers instead of one of the world's largest users.


F.W. Webb will only sell propane tanks and cylinders, designed to be filled on-site, to companies that distribute propane. This includes all tanks and cylinders with a capacity of 100 lbs or greater with a 1-¾" ACME fill connection. Cylinders with a capacity of 100 lbs or less without the 1-¾" ACME fill connection may be sold to other customers.

F.W. Webb will only sell gas regulators to licensed gas contractors.